“The decision to bring in a partner was tough, but at the end of the day everyone is happy with the outcome. I felt Quazar professionally guided me through the sale process, kept me informed, and together we got the deal done.”

– Sanjay Syal, CEO of Blue Star  Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Blue Star’s Success Story.


“This was a good example of a synergistic acquisition. Both companies have similar competencies at different scales. The two companies combined can serve more potential customers than both did separately.”

– Dan Korolchuk, Former President of Applied Vacuum Technology Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read AVT’s success story.


“Quazar did a great job. We received an overwhelming response from potential targets and had ample sellers to meet with and evaluate, which was in large part due to the professionalism of Quazar and Quazar’s approach.”

– James Hansen, Chairman at Reliable Property Services Quazar provided buy-side advisory. Read Reliable’s success story.


“Thank you for your assistance in the purchase! We found the value you added well worth the fee.”

– Loren Corle, President at RECO, LLC Quazar provided buy-side advisory. Read Loren’s success story.


“I found the process of selling my business to be emotional and difficult. I was lucky I had Quazar to help me through everything. Their experience, creativity, and negotiating skills were impressive – and were key to structuring a deal with ideal price and terms.”

– Jared Gapinski, President at All State Communications Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Jared’s success story.


“I truly feel Quazar was critical to my successful acquisition of Dunham Express. Quazar was also invaluable in educating and guiding me through the acquisition process.”

– Scott Passe, President at Dunham Express Quazar provided buy-side advisory for this management buyout. Read Scott’s success story.


“[Quazar] was excellent at determining the issues most important to me and working to include those in the negotiation. [I would] absolutely [recommend Quazar’s] selling, buying, or merger services.”

– Charles Specht, former Principal at Pictura Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Charles’ success story.


“Quazar was attentive to our needs and helped us exceed our goals and objectives. They helped turn an emotional, difficult process into a fun and memorable experience.”

– Terri Albinson, President at Albinson, Inc. Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Terri’s success story.


“[I chose Quazar] not only because of their knowledge and experience, but also because of their genuine ability to sell. Quazar’s perseverance and negotiation skills really stood out.”

– David Geslin, former Owner of Die Products Company Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read David’s success story.


“I always felt that I had solid representation throughout every aspect of the transaction. I think that without Quazar’s management abilities, banking knowledge, and negotiating skills we would not have been able to do the deal. It was really essential to the transaction.”

– David Larson, President at Webster Industries Quazar provided buy-side advisory. Read David’s success story.


“Thank you for your valued work on our project. This process has been without surprise and we appreciate your guidance and support. Quazar really does pay for itself.”

– Duane Peterson, Vice President of Northland Fishing Tackle Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Duane’s success story.


“I liked Quazar’s aggressiveness to remain on the time-table that we needed. It went so smooth; I would use Quazar again, as well as recommend them to anyone looking for financing support.”

– Mark Bongard, Chairman at Pure Polymers, Inc. Quazar provided buy-side advisory. Read Mark’s success story.


“I was very impressed how Quazar hung-in-there with us. There were plenty of times that it became questionable whether the deal would go through or not, but Bruce believed in us and had confidence that it would work out. I think a lot of firms would have backed out when the deal got difficult but Bruce really stuck with it.”

– John Hill, President at Lester Buildings Quazar advised on a management buyout (MBO). Read John’s success story.


“We are pleasantly surprised with the results that Quazar produced; my thanks to you and your team!”

– Steve Richardson, Vice President at Liberty Diversified Industries (LDI) Quazar provided sell-side advisory on a divestiture. Read Steve’s success story.


“Bruce Behm added value in the areas of negotiation and strategy. In addition, he has a keen grasp of the business climate and is an excellent source of information. Because of my experience with Bruce, I would refer others to Quazar.”

– Mark Hottinger, Former Owner at National Checking Treasurer Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Mark’s success story.


“Quazar did a very good job establishing expectations regarding the sales process and length of time it would take to complete a transaction. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Quazar helped find the right partner that met every objective that was established up front.”

– Tim O’Keefe, former President at Right Choice Services, Inc. Quazar provided sell-side advisory. Read Tim’s success story.


“Bruce is aggressively loyal and has helped me grow both personally and professionally. He is a trusted friend and business confidant.”

– Bob Hageman, President at J&B Wholesale Distributing, Inc. Quazar provided growth planning services. Read Bob’s success story.