Sometimes when we meet with owners considering selling their business, the timing isn’t right. In these cases, Quazar can help develop a long-range plan to help our clients eventually reach their goals.


Owners often complete a recapitalization of their business to provide liquidity to shareholders. A recapitalization is often appealing to business owners because they can monetize part of their ownership position while also retaining a significant continuing interest in the business. Quazar works to find multiple sources and various options to complete these types of transactions. “Re-caps” are becoming more popular, especially for owners who want to “take some chips off the table” and secure retirement funds.

Exit Planning / Exit Strategy

Frequently when clients come to us to sell their business, they are not in a position to maximize their return on investment. If they had put a successful exit strategy in place prior to putting their company on the market, they could have realized a much greater return. Based on our years of experience, we have put together a proven process to help our clients walk through the steps necessary for a successful business transition.

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