Is it time to grow or diversify your business? Quazar is experienced in advising businesses on growth strategies.

Growth by Acquisition / Buy-Side Advisory

We have experience buying numerous companies for our clients. Our clients rely on us to quickly and confidentially present acquisition candidates. We use our industry knowledge, connections, and research capabilities to locate targets meeting your criteria. We are skilled negotiators with experience structuring transactions that benefit our clients. We have experience working in many geographies – local, regional, national, and international.

Growth Strategy

When business owners want to grow in their marketplace, we meet with them to learn their goals and objectives. We then spend time researching and exploring to help develop a plan that best meets those goals. We work closely with our clients on the development and implementation of the growth plan.

Growth Financing / Refinancing

Quazar can help if you have a need for flexible options to finance acquisitions, corporate recapitalizations, growth, intangible asset purchases, management buyouts, or partner buyouts.

Management Buyouts (MBO’s)

In Management Buyouts, we work with the acquiring management to assist with negotiations and arrange the financial portion of the acquisition. We understand that sourcing quality lending sources and properly structuring the buyout terms can be crucial to the success of the MBO.

Partner Resolution

Throughout our many years’ experience working closely with businesses, we have seen a lot of shareholder and partner concerns. We can use that experience to help resolve internal issues that affect the health and well-being of the business.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion about your business needs.