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Ultra Pac, Inc. is a plastics packaging company located in Rogers, MN. This company, founded in 1987, specializes in packaging for Bakery and Prepared Foods.

Ultra Pac, Inc. President, Cal Krupa, met Bruce Behm, President of Quazar Capital in 1993. Mr. Krupa was referred by a trusted business associate. At that time, Bruce assisted in establishing personal goals and objectives for Mr. Krupa.

Upon establishing Mr. Krupa’s personal goals, Quazar continued its services to assist Ultra Pac with it’s Strategic Planning. These services included the defining of company goals and objectives, company reorganization, reevaluation of expenses, re-aligning of personnel, and conducting an employee survey. In 1996, Quazar assisted Ultra Pac in refinancing the bank debt. This refinancing helped put the company back on track.

In 1998 Ultra Pac hired Quazar Capital to locate businesses to purchase. During this process Ultra Pac was approached and acquired itself.

Mr. Krupa chose Bruce not only because of his good relationship in the banking community, but also because of his ability and ethical approach to business.