SCVH Tombstone
The Seller:

St. Croix Valley Hardwoods has an established history of producing top quality wood products for its customers in the cabinet, furniture, commercial fixtures, and wood-working trades. St. Croix Valley Hardwoods’ Forest Products Division, based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, distributes products to customers in the four-state region. St. Croix Valley Hardwoods’ Luck, Wisconsin, facilities were not included in the transaction.

“The sale of the Forest Products Division to Aetna Plywood was a good fit for both parties. I am now able to concentrate on my Luck operation and this is a good addition for Aetna,” said Gordy Fick, President at St. Croix Valley Hardwoods.

The Buyer: Aenta Plywood is a leading wholesale distribution company with nearly 75 years in business. St. Croix Valley Hardwoods is a strategic addition to Aetna; the acquisition allows Aetna to broaden its market reach to the greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, metropolitan area.

“The St. Croix Valley Hardwoods Forest Products division has, for over 25 years, built a reputation for providing exceptional products and services, making it the perfect complement for Aetna Plywood,” said Jon Minnaert, Vice President at Aetna Plywood.