Artwork J&B

J & B Wholesale Distributing, Inc., located in St. Michael, Minnesota, was established in 1979. J & B distributes meat products and produces and markets premium products under the No Name Steaks® and Midwest Pride® labels.

J & B Wholesale Distributing President Bob Hageman met Bruce Behm, President of Quazar Capital, while Bruce was with First Minnesota in the late 1980’s. At that time, Bruce assisted in a partnership buyout. This relationship grew and continued through Bruce’s transition in establishing Quazar Capital in 1990.

Upon establishing Quazar, Bruce continued to assist Mr. Hageman with consulting work; services provided include leadership transition, hiring, succession planning, strategic planning, and establishing personal and company goals. Bruce was heavily involved with J & B Wholesale Distributing, spending two full days a week at their facility. He assisted in identifying the needs and changes the company needed in order to continue to grow.

Mr. Hageman chose Bruce because of his insight, honesty, and “straight forward” approach. “Bruce is aggressively loyal and has helped me grow both personally and professionally. He is a trusted friend and business confidant,” Mr. Hageman said.