Impulse Group Tombstone

Impulse Group, Inc. CFO Katharine Norton learned about Quazar through her banker, a trusted confidant. After interviewing other investment banking firms, Ms. Norton chose Quazar to advise on the sale of her company, based on her feelings of trust and ability.

The services she valued most throughout the process was the follow though and explanation and clarification of her options. She also appreciated Bruce’s ability to remove the emotional response to the buyer’s suggestions. “Bruce’s follow through and keeping the sale moving forward was the reason this sale came to a conclusion when it did.”

Ms. Norton felt the combination of Quazar and her attorney represented a skillful negotiation team during closing discussions, which made for successful outcome.

Ms. Norton recommends Quazar to anyone who is thinking about selling or purchasing a business. She also advises companies who are contemplating selling to meet with Quazar for a “pre-sale” consultation.