BookEndz Tombstone

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – Quazar Capital Corporation would like to announce that their client, Nature Vision Inc., has sold the assets and operations of the Bookendz® Docking Stations product line. Bookendz® specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of the Bookendz® docking station for the Apple® PowerBook, iBook and iPod.

THE COMPANY– Nature Vision is a leading outdoor recreation products company. The company designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of winning brands across two categories: Outdoor Recreation and Photography, Audio-Visual peripheral equipment. Brand names include, Aqua-Vu, Genz Stix, Buzz Stix, Game-Vu, Well-Vu, Vaddio, Norman, Lindahl and Camerz.

THE SITUATION– Jeff Zernov approached Quazar Capital Corporation with the desire to sell the Bookendz® Docking Stations product line.

UNIQUE CHALLENGE– Selling an orphaned product line of a public company. Nature Vision had previously embarked on a diversification strategy to fill excess manufacturing capacity. The new direct is to focus on the core business and divest the non-core business line.

THE RESOLUTION– Quazar marketed the business to strategic and financial buyers, ultimately selling the assets and operations of the Bookendz® Docking Stations product line to Olympic Controls Corporation based in Elgin, Illinois. Olympic Controls was searching for a new growing business to replace a mature business.