MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – Quazar Capital Corporation is pleased to announce that their client, Applied Vacuum Technology, Inc., was acquired by Anderson & Dahlen, Inc.

THE TRANSACTION – Dan Korolchuk, President, Applied Vacuum Technology, was looking for an exit strategy and his accountant referred him to Quazar. Due to the highly technical nature of the business, it was a challenging search to find a buyer with knowledge of this specialized industry. A secondary challenge was finding a buyer that could more fully utilize AVT’s high specialized facility, equipment, and highly skilled workforce. Quazar contacted numerous strategic and financial buyers, domestically and internationally. Through an exhaustive search, Anderson Dahlen emerged as the best fit.

ABOUT APPLIED VACUUM TECHNOLOGY – Applied Vacuum Technology is headquartered in Waconia, MN. Applied Vacuum, founded 25 years ago, designs, fabricates, and manufactures industrial vacuum hardware, including standard and custom vacuum flanges, fittings, weldments, and chambers. AVT is a premier vacuum chamber manufacturer with core competency in machining and welding of stainless steel with primary focus on Ultra-high vacuum fabrication techniques.

“This was a good example of a synergistic acquisition. Both companies have similar competencies at different scales. The two companies combined can serve more potential customers than both did separately.” – Dan Korolchuk, Former President of Applied Vacuum Technology

ABOUT ANDERSON DAHLEN – Anderson Dahlen, headquartered in Ramsey, MN, is a full-service contract manufacturer of stainless steel, custom stainless steel equipment and systems for the food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries as well as other specialty stainless markets. The Company, founded in 1945, is an ISO certified contract manufacturer specializing in custom, short-run or one-of, complex projects, with an emphasis on quality and value–added services.

“Bruce and his team were professionals from start to finish. They kept the process moving from the initial introduction through to the closing.” – David Knoll, Vice President, Anderson Dahlen

ABOUT QUAZAR CAPITAL CORPORATION – Quazar Capital Corporation is an Investment Banking firm that specializes in confidentially helping privately held companies with Mergers and Acquisitions, recapitalizations, and financial advisory services.