Alternatives Communications Tombstone

Alternatives Communications Group President Paul Niccum became involved with Bruce Behm, President of Quazar Capital, because of a positive recommendation from a former client of Quazar’s. Mr. Niccum interviewed a few other investment bankers, but decided to go with Quazar because of Quazar’s reputation and knowledge of the industry.

Alternatives hired Quazar to help decide what their options were for raising capital and to solicit offers and proposals for the acquisition or merger of Alternatives. Alternatives was subsequently acquired by a company with the resources to help them expand in ways it could not before.

Mr. Niccum felt the staff at Quazar was good to work with and found them to be extremely confidential. He also liked the personalized service he received. Mr. Niccum also appreciated the fact that Bruce was constantly giving him options and looking at things from the client’s point of view. Because of his experience with Bruce, Mr. Niccum would refer others in the printing industry to Quazar.