Albinson Tombstone

Albinson, Inc. is a Document Services company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This third generation, family-owned business was founded in 1946. The company sells document services, imaging products, and supplies and performs equipment services.

Albinson, Inc. President Terri Albinson, was referred to Quazar Capital by a trusted business associate. After meeting with Quazar several times, Ms. Albinson concluded that Quazar was the perfect fit for their organization. Her decision was based on Quazar’s experience and expertise in the printing and graphic arts industry.

Albinson, Inc. hired Quazar to represent them for the sale of their business. During this process, Ms. Albinson noted how well Quazar explained each step and walked her through the entire process. The business was sold within six months of the contract signing to an out-of-state company well positioned to capitalize on this marketplace.

Ms. Albinson describes her experience with Quazar as pleasant and comfortable, even through the emotions of selling a family owned business. She felt that Quazar was attentive to their needs and helped them exceed their goals and objectives. “Quazar helped turn an emotional, difficult process into a fun and memorable experience,” said Ms. Albinson.