Quazar has been celebrating our anniversary by holding a charity contest. We invite our friends to nominate a charity, then our accountants at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause randomly draw four winners. Please see current and past winners below.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2017 Charity Contest!

Past Charity Contests

27th Anniversary Charity Winners (2017)

Secondhand Hounds ($5,000) SHH Nominated by: Adam Webb, Quazar Business Brokerage  
YMCA ($5,000) YMCA Nominated by: Dan Roberts, Signature Bank

26th Anniversary Charity Winners (2016)

Arthritis Foundation ($2,500) Arthritis Foundation Nominated by: Nancy Burns, Mulcahy Company  
Banyan Community ($2,500) Banyan Community Nominated by: Sue Jensen, Sew Talented and a Banyan Community Board Member
Community Christian School ($2,500) Community Christian School Nominated by: Sarah Burdett, Rice Home Medical, LLC.
Pay It Forward Fund ($2,500) Pay it Forward Fund Nominated by: Troy Ethen, Protean
Pinky Swear Foundation ($2,500) Pinky Swear Foundation Nominated by: Jeffrey Wenngatz, Cresa Minneapolis and a Pinky Swear Foundation Board Member

25th Anniversary Charity Winners (2015)

American Cancer Society ($5,000) American Cancer Society v2 Nominated by: Joe Lavely, Greene Holcomb Fisher  
CHOICE, Inc. ($5,000) Choice Inc Nominated by: Andrew Schornack, Flagship Bank Minnesota
The Liz Logelin Foundation ($5,000) Liz Logelin Selected by: Quazar Capital Corporation
MN Adult & Teen Challenge ($5,000) MN Teen and Adult Challenge Nominated by: Keith S. Bares, Convergent Capital
United Way of the Midlands ($5,000) United Way of the Midlands Nominated by: Wes Hampp,First Capital Partners

24th Anniversary Charity Winners (2014)

Council on Crime and Justice ($2,500) Council on Crime and Justice Logo Nominated by: Todd Jackson
MN Adult and Teen Challenge ($2,500) MN Adult and Teen Challenge Logo Nominated by: Bob Hageman
The National Ability Center ($2,500) NAC_HorizontalLogo Nominated by: Greg Easton
The National Football Foundation ($2,500) National Football Foundation - Minnesota Chapter Logo Nominated by: Chris Kearney
United Arts of Central Minnesota ($2,500) United Arts of Central Minnesota Logo Nominated by: Chris Shorba

23rd Anniversary Charity Winners (2013)

The Liz Logelin Foundation ($2,500) Liz Logelin Foundation Nominated by: Debbie Peters
Higher M-Pact ($2,500) Higher MPact Final Nominated by: Mike Wedel
YouthLink ($2,500) YouthLink Nominated by: Leo Lopez
LILA Foundation ($2,500) LILA Foundation Nominated by: Melissa Martyr-Wagner

22nd Anniversary Charity Winners (2012)

Chicago Hope Academy ($2,500) Nominated by: Curt Hart
Plymouth Civic League ($2,500) Nominated by: Kris St. Martin
Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center ($2,500) Nominated by: Matt Behm
RESOURCE, Inc. ($2,500) Nominated by: Paul Way

21st Anniversary Charity Winners (2011)

National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota ($2,500) Nominated by: Kevin Burkhart
Youth Frontiers ($2,500) Nominated by: Polly & Bob McCrea
The Salvation Army ($2,500) Nominated by: Greg Heggem
Minnesota Youth Shotgun Association ($2,500) Nominated by: Sally & Mark Stevens

20th Anniversary Charity Winners (2010)

Senior Community Services ($2,500) Nominated by: John Lawson
Pregnancy Choices Life Care Center ($2,500) Nominated by: Brad Mayer
The Salvation Army ($2,500) Nominated by: Greg Heggem
Pheasants Forever ($2,500) Nominated by: Jim Ristau